Your Complete Checklist Before Moving

To ascertain everything is all set, it is absolutely recommended that you review this checklist to ensure a hassle-free relocation. For more information, feel free to click

Did you have utilities set up for your new house?

Have you taken final meter readings and phoned them in or will certainly call them in on the day the utilities are open?

Your bank, mobile phone and other companies–have you phoned them and changed your billing address?

Have you already called off services you have made prearranged appointments into? Gardeners, milk deliveries?

Have you set up a mail redirect?

If you’ll be asked, have you turned the gasoline, water and power system off?

Have you ceased all utilities, and informed any tax or local authorities of your relocation so that they can change your final invoice and have it delivered to your home?

Is everything loaded, removed, binned or paid for for?

If you are leaving behind furniture, have you verified that there’s absolutely nothing in, underneath, behind or on top of it?

Have you fulfilled any objects that could ensure the return of your downpayment (if you had one?)

Is everything loaded and clearly noted?

Is the payment arrangement in your new home already arranged?

Have you clearly explained, or marked any repairs needed within your old home?

Have you left any guides that you don’t want, for equipment or things you’re leaving behind?

Have you changed the address of your driver’s permit, passport, work permit, visa, etc?

The tips above may not just be certain you have prepared all things systematically but also spare you the hassle of having to contact the buyers of your old home, possible identity theft and the fear for any future disruptions. Finally, rather than getting all worked up, you can then enjoy and rest throughout the move.

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