Why Trained Dogs Tend To Live A Happy Life

We as humans always love to take control of our dogs and give it instructions that he/she is supposed to obey since the dog themselves do not have proper established rules.

This is the main reason why dogs are trained to enable them to obey the master so that they can have peaceful coexistence. But we also have other reasons that make it good to train your dog.

First, it will bring you joy you as the owner happy to stay with a dog that conforms with your expectation, this will make the dog happy since most of the time you will learn to appreciate it more and more.

This brings a major difference to those stray dogs since they are untrained dogs that cannot be able to follow their masters’ commands hence end up being reprimanded hence become unhappy.

A trained dog will always enjoy the privileges such as going on a tour with the owner and visiting different places which is not so with an untrained dog which will have a hard time being controlled by the owner so the owner cannot visit any place with the dog.

An obedient dog can easily be saved from danger since it can be given instructions and be able to follow it confidently, for example when a time breaks out, the owner can direct the dog out of the fire by giving it commands to follow which is not possible for a rude dog.

You can also help it avoid being hit by a truck when it is crossing the road since you can instruct it to stop at a safe place where you can be able to keep it.

Finally an obedient dog will enable you to bond more with the dog since you are the owner would love to stay and play with it even teach it new tricks.

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