Why Have A Home Freshwater Aquarium?

Aquariums are everywhere. You will see them brightly lit and full of vivacious and happy fish, swimming through tank plants, coming in and out of little underwater shipwrecks and castles. It is as if aquariums are ubiquitous, being seen at various offices like your doctor’s, dentist’s and also at other places including small restaurants. And nowadays, your friend and family’s homes provide them nice spots for their delight. So why such interest? What is the point in acquiring a home freshwater aquarium?

It seems that maintaining an aquarium has more benefits than just appealing to the eyes. In fact they are quite good at diminishing stress. If you are an adept of Feng Shui philosophy, you can think of aquariums as providing that element of water bringing harmony, beneficial energy and peace to you environment.

Science has it that fish is brain food…and that aquariums are a significant factor is helping increase brain power! Kids interacting with their home freshwater aquariums in their room have a tendency to score higher on verbal and math SAT’s; they get an average of 200 combined points more than kids without aquarium. The GPA of high school students averaged 3.5 for those having freshwater aquariums, while those without averaged 3.2.

Other research backs up the claims of stress relief. Scientists have ling known that petting a dog or a cat actually lowers blood pressure and keeps stress levels down. One study looked into the benefits of aquariums. Volunteers were given things to read that were designed to increase their stress levels. Afterwards, they were told to rest, then watch fish in an aquarium. Their blood pressure was recorded. Another group of volunteers were instructed to watch the fish, then rest, then read the stress inducing material. When their blood pressure was recorded, it was found that they had a lower reaction to the stressful material.

What explains that freshwater aquariums make us relax? One might think of the water, the sound of the bubbles, the decorations. In fact, it is none of those. It is the fish actually. According to the scientists, watching the colors and movements of the fish makes us relax. Their graceful gliding through the water, disappearing and reappearing through vegetation with effortless ease, bring relaxation and allow our mind to let go.

One last reason to acquire a freshwater aquarium, is to study the ecosystem of the aquatic biosphere. The knowledge and experience gained about various types of fish, of the fine balance they necessitate in their milieu, will in turn bring awareness of the fine equilibrium entailed by our surroundings, particularly in our oceans, lakes, and seas. Kids find out about properly taking care of fish, and thus learn about responsibility.

So don’t wait any longer if you have been wondering about owning a home freshwater aquarium. Reasons abound to keep fish in you home. It will make you feel better a give you a brain boost. Pure natural beauty as well as liveliness will come to your home as well.

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