What To Look For When Buying An Air Conditioner

There are many different types of air conditioning and heating units manufactured. The units can vary by features such as price, warranty and energy efficiency. Knowing what features that you feel are most important is a key step to selecting the type of unit to purchase. Making an educated choice about the purchase can help you avoid a costly AC-Heating repair bill.

Air conditioning and heating units that are more expensive generally have a better record of being reliable. With the advantage of being more reliable comes the reduced risk of an AC-Heating repair. The more expensive units start at a price of approximately $3,500.00. The more expensive units can be thought of as more of a long term investment. If the initial price of an air conditioning and heating unit is not affordable, many dealers have financing options. The unit can be paid for in monthly payments, reducing the initial financial impact to the buyer. The less expensive air conditioning and heating units come with less reliability and lower energy efficiency. These may not have the option of financing.

Energy efficiency is a big consideration when purchasing an air conditioning and heating unit. With the cost of electricity continuing to rise, a more energy efficient unit can save money throughout the course of a lifetime. The rating system for an air conditioning and heating unit is called SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating). The higher the number for a SEER the more efficient the unit is. The most energy efficient units have a SEER rating between 16-23. These units will have the least amount of on/off cycle time. These units will also use environmentally friendly coolant. A negative in reference to these units is that your residence may need additional duck work in order to install .

A less energy efficient air conditioning and heating unit will have a SEER rating of less than 16. The lowest SEER rating for an air conditioning and heating unit produced in the United States is a 13. The warranty for an air conditioning and heating unit is very important should you ever need an AC Heating repair. There are many different types of warranties that cover a variety of different areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, parts, labor and length of time.

A warranty will be void if a non authorized party performs any work on the unit. The most expensive part that can be covered in a warranty is the compressor. A new unit will generally have a warranty that covers the compressor from two to five years. It is recommended that the warranty be read thoroughly so that the coverage matches the needs of the buyer. It is very important to consider as many factors as possible related to air conditioning and heating units before one is purchased. An authorized air conditioning and heating dealer can help you with the process and reduce the chance of an AC Heating repair that is needed in the future.

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