What Kind Of Vacuum Cleaners Are On The Market Now?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner used to be easy, they all had bags and were all pretty similar, so the question was just which brand did you like the best and which was the best value for money. Now the vacuum cleaner market has exploded, primarily I think because of the introduction of the bagless cleaner by Dyson. That sparked a wave of creativity from the other manufacturers to try and keep up with this radical new design.

So now the humble vacuum cleaner has been dressed up in a wild melody of colours and has been given fancy names and even fancier attachments for even the most obscure of tasks. But do we need all that? Most of us are perfectly happy with a simple cleaner with a bag like we used to have. Below we look at the main choices you have when buying a new vacuum:

Bagless: The bagless technology is what shocked the industry all those years ago. James Dyson developed the original technology which uses a plastic container instead of a bag, and is supposed to keep its sucking power better than a bagged vacuum as it fills up with dirt. Some people love this technology and some people hate it, so it is hard to judge if it is better or not, and if you have allergies then don’t forget you need to empty the container out into something rather than simply throwing a bag away, so that is one major downside.

Upright: This is the normal design for a vacuum cleaner, with the mechanics of it being upright with a handle at the top so you can push and pull the unit easily. The big advantage of this design is that as you can push and pull it while the head at the bottom does the cleaning, then you can quickly and easily cover large areas of open floor.

Canister vacuum: This design is made for getting into hard to reach places in houses without a lot of open floor space. The actual mechanics of the unit are all contained in a little canister on the floor and then a long hose comes out of it which you can put attachments on to do the cleaning. This means in a room with lots of furniture then it outperforms the upright because you can use the long hose to get under and around things, but it is much harder to clean large areas of open carpet with it.

Carpet cleaner: The final option is to go even deeper and go for a machine that can shampoo your carpets as well to really get the dirt out of them. You need to get one of these in addition to a normal vacuum, because I don’t know of any machines that can do both shampooing and normal cleaning, but they can be a great buy if you do get one. Over time a lot of dirt and grime gets worked into the carpet which makes it unhygienic and makes it lose its colour and look older that it really is, a carpet cleaner can bring it back to its former glory for you, and they are relatively cheap too.

A great value carpet cleaner is the Hoover F5914-900 which is a top seller on Amazon.com at the moment.

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