What Is Memory Care? Some Helpful Information

You might notice several assisted living communities having a section dedicated to “memory care” which is likely to make you wonder what it means. It is probably because Americans having some level or type of dementia number to more than five million hence the creation of memory care to best serve the needs of those with dementia.

When a person is going through loss of cognitive function with changes beyond that of a normal aging then that could be dementia. Dementia comes in many types even and the most common form of this disease is Alzheimer’s disease. People suffering from dementia have memory problems and their behavior also gets affected in an adverse way. You are likely to find these people depressed and angry while also experiencing confusion and forgetfulness.

As those suffering from dementia are otherwise with good health, having them in assisted living therefore can be a good option particularly those adults with dementia but with no serious health issues. Some more small board and care homes accept adults with dementia and memory problems. These facilities employ staff trained especially for handling the needs and behavior of adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, these facilities and apartments are sure to be safe and without stress for its residents.

Most often we find the spouse or child taking care of the daily needs when caring for a person with dementia. Although one can find means that can be helpful in caring for the one with dementia, through time and as the condition progresses caring for the parent or spouse becomes tougher. At times, the one with dementia would no longer recognize the spouse or child and becomes more angry and fearful in any given environment. For this, assisted living may be better.

In an assisted living facility, your loved one will be in a secure environment with many of their daily needs met. The staff will help with grooming, bathing and toileting, as well as ensuring that medications are taken properly and on time. In addition, healthy meals are provided every day. Your loved one also can enjoy the social activities and amenities that are part of the assisted living community.

It is already difficult for all involved in dealing with dementia and the process in finding an excellent assisted living facility or perhaps a board and care home is just as tough. For the process to be a bit easier Care Placement is one that offers eldercare placement service with specialized quality and pre-screened care homes and facilities for you for the several different needs required with consideration of your budget. For you to secure the right facility for your loved one in San Diego or Orange County, contact Care Placement today.

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