Washington Septic Tank Pumping Details

Septic tanks are part of small-scale systems used at properties for management of sewage. These are typically common where there is no connection to a main line of pipes that are offered by the local government or private corporations. Washington septic tank pumping is offered by numerous companies in this region and may even involve residential alarm call services.

Systems are designed with simplicity. The drains that are located in a property all feed to a single pipe that then goes to a tank that is buried outdoors on the property. When the waste from the shower, sink, toil and washing machine leaves the property, it is combined together. Once it goes to the tank, it is separated.

Heavy matter will fall down to the bottom and is known as the sludge. Floating along the top is all the fats, proteins and oils. This part is called the scum. The middle portion is where the effluent or gray matter is contained. This is a clearer liquid substance.

The systems are designed so that effluent is the only part that is discharged into a drain field. The field, also called a leach field, includes a set of pipes that have holes that release the liquid in the grown. Maintenance of such systems is important and can be done by both the property owner and professionals.

Most of these systems have a high water alarm. Once the level makes it to this alarm float, there will be a visual and audible signal activated. The location of the alarm device should be known by the owner of a property, but is often found in the garage or under the sink in the kitchen. An activated alarm means that there is a little emergency storage space that is available before the system may overflow or back up into the house.

This is when it is best to call on professionals. Property owners should also start conserving their water once an alarm is active. This can help keep things from overflowing before the problem is fixed.

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