Vent Fan And Medicine Cabinets For Bathroom

A bathroom vent fan is an important part of a bathroom. It removes warm, moist air from the bathroom interior to the outdoors as well as exhausts smelly air from the room. Warm, moist air encourages mold growth and may cause bathroom damage.

Some modern versions of a moisture removing bathroom vent fan come complete with a light. Other models even offer a heater option. Controlling the fan is through a single-pole switch or a wall-mounted timer. Where it is positioned within the bathroom is a preference of the homeowner. It can be placed over the toilet or in the center of the room. The assurance that it closes properly when not in use is gained through the correct installation of the vent flapper.

The vent flapper of a bathroom vent fan keeps the cold air from the outside from filtering back into the bathroom. To keep condensation from building up from the temperature difference between the outer and inner air temperatures, the flexible hose of the fan should be insulated.

Bathroom medicine cabinets are storage areas for medicine and hygienic products that usually hang on a wall at about eye-level. They are differentiated from medicine boxes or chests that are usually free standing.

Meanwhile, it is in the items that they contain where bathroom medicine cabinets and first aid boxes differ. Common ground for these two storage facilities would be plasters. Other than this, ointments, pills and creams are the primary contents of medicine cabinets while bandages, tapes and dressings are what first aid boxes carry in them.

By storing only the most essential items in bathroom medicine cabinets, their organization is made simple and easy. All other items are then kept in a nearby drawer or under the sink. As far as the jars kept in the cabinet, they must always be kept clear so their contents are plainly visible and recognizable.

For a couple sharing bathroom medicine cabinets, a problem may arise as to what items each one are allowed to keep. Instead of making a list, though, suffice it to say that the cabinet should contain only the items that are used on a daily basis.

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