Types Of Senior Companionship Services Pleasanton CA

Most seniors, if given a choice, want to spend the rest of their lives in their own homes. The practice of aging in place by seniors can cause problems for family members who want to help their parents and also have families of their own to care for. One of the available options open to these extended families may be to contact senior companionship services.

There are several commercial agencies in Pleasanton CA that can accommodate the socialization needs of seniors. There are also multiple companion programs offered and sponsored by the government. The commercial agencies start by doing a professional assessment of the needs of potential clients and use that information to match them to a compatible care giver. Prior to pairing them off with their new clients the care givers are carefully screened and trained by professional staff members.

The extent of care giving service you require can vary from healthy to respite or Alzheimer’s care. When the client is healthy their duties include doing things to entertain and stimulate the minds of their charge. They usually remain with the client for three hours or less on a schedule of twice a week. They will play cards or games, read to the client, and help to record favored memories in books among many other things.

Most care givers do not help their clients with medications or treatments ordered by the doctors. Other things that they generally do not participate in is housekeeping or grocery shopping for the client. They will go for walks with the seniors and help them with setting up their calendars as well as accompany them on visits to their neighbors and friends homes.

Many times clients need extensive care for short periods because they have fallen or are recovering from a stroke or heart attack. These circumstances require a higher level of care during recovery which most commercial agencies are prepared to supply. They also offer care for seniors who are home bound and cannot get out for themselves. Personal care, housekeeping, cooking and shopping duties become part of their daily schedule.

One of the commercial services available in Pleasanton, CA provides companions for clients that are seniors themselves. The owner of the company offers assistance on all levels and considers it as almost a volunteer service even though he must charge the clients in order to compensate the people who work with him.

For lower income senior citizens the government sponsors programs that supply visitors for those unable to get out. They will visit those who are physically or mentally disabled. These programs are offered through other state and county sites dedicated to seniors. The nutrition program that supplies hot lunches for seniors can also refer them to the Friendly Visitor Program that provides companions for several hours a week. The visitors are volunteers who are on social security themselves and they are paid a stipend plus vehicle expenses for their time.

With the abundance of companion services available in Pleasanton, CA seniors and their families are able to shop around and select the agency or care giver that best meets their needs. Between the commercial agencies, government programs and private parties offering to help your options can be limitless.

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