Types Of Materials Used In Commercial Roofing

Commercial buildings are usually build and designed differently when compared to residential buildings. There are different categories of commercial roofing Dallas or roof’s materials that are used in commercial construction. A roof usually serves the similar purpose on commercial buildings just as they do on residential ones. The only disparity is the pitch of these roofs. In most cases, commercial buildings have a flat roof. Thus, lack of pitches on commercial buildings usually forces contractors for roofing Dallas Texas to use dissimilar materials in diverse methods.

Metal is among the many varieties that one can settle for. These materials can be copper, steel, or aluminum. This material has lots of benefits to the homeowner the main one being that this material is highly durable. If the installation of metal is conducted effectively, either the roofing or roof repair Dallas will last up to fifty years.

However, the metals have a major drawback, which is maintenance. Metals are prone to rusting, cracking and peeling therefore, you have to keep on coating and painting it from time to time. Nonetheless, there are some advancement in getting metals, which have a reduced rusting effect by using new compounds and treatments.

Another type of material that is used both in commercial and residential roofs are known as asphalt. If you opt to use asphalt, the number of options will overwhelm you. You can use it in liquid form. This material is also long lasting.

One can also opt to use slate material. However, due to its expensive nature, this material is not commonly used. Moreover, its installation process is usually very tedious and very slow this is because the material is generally brittle and very heavy. Nevertheless, if the installation is conducted appropriately, slate is a very good option generally because it does require maintenance and it lasts for long.

One can also go for tiles. The rubber and concrete made option are most common varieties in commercial building roofing. It is very advantageous to opt for such varieties mainly because they are very long lasting.

Tiles also are available in diverse colors, styles and designs that can fit any building. Tiles are also advantageous, since they require little or no maintenance expenses. However, one of the demerits of tile is that they are generally heavy, hence the building has to be designed with additional roofing Dallas Texas support.

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