Transform Your Propane Tank Into A Work Of Art

If you have propane tank in your yard, you understand the many benefits of using this green energy source. However, most tanks are rather large and they typically aren’t ascetically pleasing. Fortunately, this can be fixed fairly easy, and you can either find ways to make your propane tank blend in better with your yard or turn it into a fun and quirky conversation piece.

Generally there are requirements as to how far away from your house the tank must be, so while you might be tempted to simply hide it behind your house, that simply might not be the best location. One idea would be to build a fence or garden wall in front of the tank and surround the area with potted plants. A picket fence surrounded by flowers also might be an attractive idea. You simply need to try and have it blend in with the landscaping already in place in your yard. So use the same type of flowers and fencing that you have used elsewhere.

Tanks can be painted in a variety of interesting ways, and there are countless creative examples. Often people simply decorate it in the colors of a favorite team, such as football. Other people add a touch of whimsy and transform their propane tank into a yellow submarine, a huge watermelon or perhaps an ear of corn. Murals often are painted on propane tanks, and this can feature just about any subject.

It is important to note that painting the tanks does have a few safety issues. Many states regulate the colors that you can use when painting your tank. This is because very dark colors that do not reflect light will cause the tank to heat up, and this makes the propane in your tank expand, which can be dangerous. Using light colors that are light-reflective will help keep your tank nice and cool. It’s also important to remove the rust, as this can also make the tank heat up. You also should use paint that repels rust, as well as rust-repellant primer.

Be sure to ask your propane company if painting is permissible if you rent your tank. If you really want to paint the tank, it might be wise to consider buying a propane tank. Thrifty Propane, for instance, offers tanks for sale and you can even have a free tank provided you pre-purchase propane. For instance, if you pre-buy 2,500 gallons, you can get a free 500-gallon tank. Just be sure to buy when the propane prices are low, typically during the hottest months of the year. A typical new 500-gallon tank would cost at least $1,000 plus installation costs, so pre-buying for a free tank can be a very cost-effective option.

In some areas, you also could consider the option of having your tank buried underground. Generally the tanks that are buried are larger, from 500 to 1,000 gallons. The price is also a bit higher because of the extra cost of digging and installation. You might pay about $200-$300 more for an underground tank, but this extra expense might be worth the cost to you.

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