Top Rated Bothell WA Cleaning Service Also Cleans Chimneys

When you call professional cleaners to your home, you will enjoy a number of benefits. For instance, a top rated Bothell WA cleaning service is there to clean and sanitize your carpets and air duct system. Plus, when you need your clothes dryer vents cleaned out, these are the people to call. In addition, they will clean your chimney to help you prevent home fire hazards.

A fireplace serves many purposes in the home. It is a great place for friends and family to gather and talk. Your fireplace provides warmth on cold nights also. Yet, if you use the fireplace often, burning wood will slowly coat the insides of the chimney walls with soot and creosote. This material gradually builds up and can be the source of house fires.

An uncleaned chimney is not efficient. As soot builds up, it gradually reduces the chimney’s ability to vent smoke and burnt gases from leaving the house. In fact, soot buildup can get so severe, it blocks ventilation and the home may fill up inside with smoke. This can leave ashes and soot all over furniture and carpeting, creating a huge mess.

It’s very easy to make an appointment with chimney sweeping services. Simply call them on the phone and they will visit you and check out your fireplace. Your ventilation system will be carefully inspected and if it needs to be cleaned, you will receive an estimate for the job.

Reputable chimney sweeps are very efficient and will not get your house dirty as they clean. For example, they place a drop cloth inside the fireplace, and this catches dirt and soot. This will keep the home interior clean.

Modern chimney sweeps employ specialized equipment that not only sweeps down chimney walls, it vacuums out all the debris. This is the best way to prevent ash and soot from entering your house interior. The process should take an hour or less and your chimney should be cleaned annually to prevent problems.

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