Toilet Seat Covers And Decorative Toilet Seats

A question that is not a matter of life and death is how toilet seat covers should be left when not in use. While the English seem to prefer to have been done, the Americans prefer to go the other way.

One answer to the query suggests that toilet seat covers should be left down just like a refrigerator is kept shut when not in use. Both are storage devices, one for food and the other for waste, so they should be used in a similar manner. Employers leaving a sign near the toilet saying ‘keep my mouth shut please!’, implies that the toilet seat should be left down when unused.

There is a study claiming that flushing the toilet with the toilet seat covers up results in ten times the number of bacteria being spread around the immediate area. This makes leaving the lid down no longer just a matter of preference but more a matter of sanitation.

The true personality of a homeowner may be expressed through his choice of decorative toilet seats, in a way he may not have even thought of. The enhancement of the bathroom door by toilet seats made of plastic or wood, can range from a luxurious feeling to a whimsical one.

Two forms of decorative toilet seats are the auto close and the soft close toilet seats. While the auto close toilet seat automatically closes once a user is out of the reach of its infrared sensor, the soft close toilet seat slowly closes on its own with a gentle push from the user.

Other variations of decorative toilet seats are classified as sports toilet seats, floral toilet seats, diamond toilet seats and leaf-shaped toilet seats. Without purchasing a new seat, basic toilet seats may be trimmed with colourful ribbons to convert them into decorative toilet seats. The range of these toilet seats can only be limited by the imagination of its potential users.

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