Tips To Supplement Heated Chicken Waterer Usage

Keeping your poultry animals properly hydrated is a given. This is mainly because the poultry animals will be less prone to diseases and highly likely to stay in good condition when they hydrate themselves as necessary. The best way to get the poultry animals hydrated would be to use quality heated chicken waterer.

The said fixture should be easy to use if you are interested in taking care of the poultry. However, the waterers are not the only fixtures you should use to keep the poultry cool. Here are what you can do for the sake of these poultry to keep them cool.

First, you should consider adding electrolytes to the water you are feeding the said animals. There are various electrolyte tablets one can easily buy nowadays and they can be used when the day is too hot, preventing dehydration. The tablets are to be dissolved in a gallon of water to make an electrolyte solution for animals.

There should be enough cold water for the animals all the time. You obviously need to provide them with access to cold water all the time if you want the animals to keep themselves hydrated around-the-clock. The cold water can significantly cool down the animals, helping in the regulation of the animal\’s body temperature.

Try to install a fan inside the coop as well. You might have to mess up the current structure of your coop this way. However, you should still aim to have a small fan to circulate the air and keep the poultry animals cooler, especially during summer. Just be careful of the electrical wiring. Keep the poultry animals away from these.

Do not forget to put some shade for the poultry. The shade you put for them is an effective way of giving them a spot to cool down. The shade can be placed near the poultry\’s coop. This shade can be the best place for the poultry\’s refuge. This can be in the form of the small table you do not use in your house anymore.

Keeping your interaction with these animals at a minimum when it comes to the summer season should be a given. This is mainly because interacting with them will just prod them to be more active. That can then create more heat. Just check on the animals when it is necessary to avoid overheating them.

Spraying cold water right around your coop should be a given. After all, this is the best way to ensure that cool air will circulate. When you properly spray the cold water around your coop, you get the evaporative cooling process started. You will also have a way to create a pool of water for the animals to wade in.

Do not forget to offer frozen treats too. You can fill up a large container with water and berries. Freeze them overnight. You can then leave out the container the next day for the poultry animals to pick on. Aside from water and berries, you can also add slices of watermelon into the said container. Freezing up these fruits can definitely help the poultry animals keep cool on a hot summer day.

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