Tips On How To Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Now that global warming is at an all time high, its only right that we try to make the places where we stay Eco friendly. You may be wondering how to make your home eco friendly. It does not necessary mean changing ones lifestyle. This process requires just small changes which when added up make a huge difference to the environment.

You can begin by looking for appliances which are energy efficient. This would reduce the amount of energy used in your house. In the market there are many energy efficient appliances. Most of them are affordable. Take for example the light bulb. Energy saving light bulbs consume up to six times less the energy consumed by ordinary bulbs. Replacing your old bulbs is not expensive. It is a small change but a big step for mankind.

Generally most homes lose about half their heat through the roof and walls. You should have the roof and the walls insulated. This could save you a lot in energy bills. The process of insulation is not expensive.

Putting off devices in a house in the right way is another way of saving energy. Normally most people use remote controls to turn off appliances. What this does is that it puts the appliances in standby mode. Energy is consumed in this mode. The right way is to turn off the appliances from the power switch. If everybody was to follow this method a lot of energy would be saved.

It is also advisable to install an energy efficient heating system. This can reduce energy bills by about 40%. Modern systems are energy efficient and they should replace old ones. For example you can replace an old boiler with a more recent one. Radiators are also known to lose a lot of heat at the back. Foil panels which reflect heat can be used to harness it. They are available from many stores.

When you are using a washing machine to wash clothes you should consider running it at full load and at a low temperature. Instead of using a tumble dryer you should hang them to dry. When you are boiling water using an electric kettle put enough water for you to use. Any extra water will waste time and energy as well. It is also recommended that you buy Eco friendly kettles.

A smart electricity monitor can help you cut down on energy consumption in a house. This device monitors how much energy every appliance is consuming in real time. This information can help you to identify the devices that consume too much energy.

You can also turn down your thermostat by one or two degrees. This makes a difference in your energy bill and still maintains warmth in the house. Another way to cut down on energy bills is to create energy using solar panels. If you live in the country side you can consider small wind turbines. You can also use portable solar chargers to charge phone and mp3 players. All these are ways on how to make your home eco friendly.

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