The Vineyard Wine Company For Good Food And Fine Wine

Everyone is thrilled to find a great restaurant with delicious food and a superb wine list. While it may not be that difficult to find these spots, to find one the you can afford is another story. The Vineyard Wine Company in Lake Mary, Florida has all of these features and a price list that will not break the bank.

A visit to their website is very enticing. The photos of the food will make your mouth water. The ambiance is warm and welcoming, yet very elegant. The owners want guests to feel relaxed as if they were having an easy going meal at the home of a friend. One item that will immediately stand out is the fact that the restaurant has the distinction and honor of receiving the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence six years in a row. This is quite an accomplishment. Wine connoisseurs will want to make sure they can check this one off their list of go to places.

Live music is always a treat and makes any dining out experience more special. They have live music on Friday night and on Saturday night. Happily the Sunday brunch comes with all the mimosas and Bellinis you can drink. Check out the calendar to see what events appeal to you.

Their wine selection has something for every taste. Each category, red, white, chardonnay, petite sirahs and more, all include several selections. A brother and sister team own the establishment. They learned their love of wine early on while growing up in a home where wine was a regular part of the menu. The bottle shop and wine bar are great for tastings and gifts of wine.

The establishment also hosts private events, including intimate weddings. The bride and groom can be assured that their guests will enjoy the best in food and wine. The owners appreciate the importance of social media with their Facebook page. They have been known to offer a free glass of wine with a Facebook check in.

The restaurant gets rave reviews on social media. For locals, a gift certificate would be perfect for the hosts of that holiday get together. Your hosts will appreciate a night out after the stress of hosting a party. Anyone, anytime who appreciates a night out and a fabulous meal will thank you for the gift certificate.

Lake Mary is a small but very charming community. The resident population is around fifteen thousand, but during the day that figure doubles with the people who work in Lake Mary but do not live there. Of all the cities in Florida to start a business, this city has been rated the tenth best. Other good news for prospective residents is the tax situation. Florida is income tax free and the property taxes are the lowest in the county.

This wonderful family restaurant business complete with bottle shop and wine bar is a welcome part of Lake Mary. Local residents visit frequently and love to bring their guests from out of town. Lake Mary has attracted some industries that are high tech which give the community a sense of appreciation of the good life and a youthful outlook. If you can make it to Lake Mary you will enjoy the town and the restaurant.

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