The Quickest Ways To Clean A Bathroom

It can be a challenge to keep a bathroom its cleanest. Whether its function is to be a guest powder room or a full sized shower and bath area, both rooms can be difficult to maintain without a proper schedule. There are many cleaning tricks that you can try in attempt to have a clean washroom. When you follow some key points in a washroom cleaning routine, you and your family will enjoy using such clean environments.

A full sized washroom that includes a shower and tub area, should be cleaned at least once a week. This involves a full scrub down of the entire area. The best way to do it, is to have a cleaning box that is full of all the supplies you will need to accomplish the tasks. The box should contain; toilet brush, gloves, toilet bowl cleaner, bathtub cleaner, shower spray, window spray, rags, paper towel, a bag for garbage and a counter top cleaning agent. Along with the box should be a broom and mop.

The first thing you might want to do, is fill up the tub area with a cleaning agent and hot soapy water. When the tub is almost full, you might turn off the water and let the tub soak. While the tub is soaking, you then can pour some toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet and let it sit in there for about ten minutes. There are other things you could clean while your waiting for these areas to properly soak.

Most people store items on the counter top, this is a good time to organize these items and possibly put them away, while you use some sprays in the area. The mirror will be sprayed down, followed by the sink area, faucet and counter top. While you are cleaning you can also check other spots in the washroom that might be dirty. Things like; the cupboards, door and walls might be places that need a quick wipe down.

Using a pair of gloves, the tub can be wiped down using the water that has been soaking. The sponge can clean the tub, faucet and tile area. When you are done cleaning, you can drain the water and then give the tiles a spray of cleaner, to give them a nice shine.

The toilet will have best results with a brush that is used by hand. That means that you will need to keep your gloves on as you scrub away at the inside of your toilet bowl. When the inside is done, you can then wipe the top of the toilet seat, under it and around the toilet for a shinny look.

Many people clean their floors by hand, as they feel that a mop just doesn’t get the floors as clean as they could. Before they are cleaned by hand or mop, they will need to be swept or vacuumed to get rid of any loose particles.

When you want your bathroom to look extremely clean and be sanitary for your family and friends, then you can follow a cleaning regiment like this once a week. For a quick cleaning, you can use a wipe to clean the counter and sink a few times a week.

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