The High Cost Of Not Buying A Private Health Insurance Plan

If you do not have access to health insurance through a job or community program then you’re probably thinking about whether or not you can really afford a plan. Being uninsured is a wide spread problem that can impact anyone under the right circumstances. The problem is national, international, and very serious.

With health care reform a hot political topic, it might seem like you’re being forced into paying for something you don’t feel you can afford. The current bill states that as of 2014 all individuals must carry health insurance. The annual fine for not doing so is almost seven hundred dollars.

Of course, there will be low income exceptions and there will also be exceptions made for those who qualify for Medicare. Most families who are currently without insurance will, however, need to buy a policy. Whether you agree or disagree with the new laws coming into play, the cost of being uninsured does not change.

While it seems like the premium for a quality health care plan is quite high, you have to consider the actual and potential costs of not having any health insurance at all. The uninsured are not likely to visit their family doctor when an illness strikes. Usually, the patient will try to home treat until the situation gets so bad that they have to visit the emergency room. Hospital costs are still increasing to help cover the costs of treating those who can not pay.

While hospitals are able to use a percentage of their unpaid invoices as a write off, the overall cost of health care still increases because salaries have to be paid and medicine needs to be purchased. While an uninsured individual is in the hospital they do not receive the same high quality care and treatment options that an insured individual will.

Another drawback is the lack of preventative care. Since an uninsured individual is not likely to have an annual check up done the chances of implementing appropriate preventative care are not high. Without an annual visit to the physician, the gynecologist, or the proctologist, routine care is not available. This sets you up for the next big drawback.

Not having insurance can literally cost you your life. Many of the deadliest diseases and illnesses must be caught in the early stages to help increase the odds of survival. Mammograms, pap smears, and even simple cholesterol and blood glucose checks once a year can detect problems early enough to prevent death. Most uninsured individuals do not have the resources to have these necessary annual tests done to catch an early diagnosis. By the time the diagnosis is made, the illness has become intolerable and the treatment options can be highly limited.

Having health insurance simply provides you with better options for caring for your body. Many insurance plans even offer help paying for partial gym memberships and contributing to other healthy causes. Without insurance, the top smoking cessation medications cost more than one hundred dollars per month. While it’s not unusual for people to resist being forced into making a purchase, carrying proper coverage will cost you less in the long run.

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