The Frequently Overlooked Roofing Issue After A Fire In Your Home

It comes from the most basic of things. House fires don’t always originate from overturned candles or cooking accidents. In truth, our affinity for fire prevention originates from a the losing of a friend whose house fire started with a defective heating light inside cage of their family pet. Regardless of the cause, or the damage, what is important is getting out of your home safely – but that is often where the serious work begins.

Even though your fire may not have started in the attic, and even if your roofing material wasn’t directly affected, a fire can cause major problems with your roof and leave it in need of immediate repair. Many insurance companies require immediate roofing replacement and leave that responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the home owner. Most roofing contractors offer emergency services.

There are also many total restoration companies that offer turnkey home repair after a fire. Many of them offering concierge services that will even find you a temporary residence while your home is being put back together.

Why is it so important to get the roof repaired first? The reason is simple, you’re homes roof act as it’s first barrier against the outside elements. Even small fires can do significant damage to your roofing structure and leave your home and attic open to rain and weather.

It’s your home and as such you will want to immediately start putting things back to normal. This is typical, but we never recommend trying to do roofing repairs or post fire restoration on a do-it-yourself basis. No matter how handy you are. Restoration follows a specific order of events and it is best left to the professionals. If you feel you need to do something, there are a few things you can do under the direction of a pro.

Pets are family too – so remove them from the home for the duration of the restoration project. They get stressed out just as people do so give them a break as well.

Next, empty the fridge and freezer if the fire department or another authorized person had electrical power shut off to the structure. This is often over looked but nothing is worse than a fridge full of rotting food that festers and ferments for several days.

Finally, board up the windows if it doesn’t interfere with the restoration companies plan for ventilation. Any large windows will need plywood protection as a security precaution.

Smoke damage has a way of being a lingering problem. Make sure you allow your restoration company access to everything. In most cases they remove every single item from the home and apply an ozone treatment to it in a separate facility. Fabrics may look okay and show no signs of damage but embedded smoke particles have a way of becoming a lingering issue.

Electronics need a complete inspection as well. This includes all appliances, televisions, computers, and lighting fixtures. Electrical problems can be minor but develop over time and cause a secondary fire or more problems further down the road. This is not something you want to face because of a failed inspection.

You should talk to your insurance company and retain a contractor as soon as possible. If you have a contractor in mind ahead of time, then this can help you save time and money in the event of a fire emergency that requires restoration afterward.

Putting your daily life together again following a fire can be a massive task. Fire recovery businesses and skilled contractors are trained and skilled to help you though this. Together with your insurance provider they are able to help clean your house, restore your roof, and get you back on course.

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