The Five Best Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures are a great way to utilise small bathroom space, because they’re more stylish and usually take up less room than a regular shower enclosure. There are several different types of quadrant shower enclosures you can consider, depending on your requirements.

Quadrant shower enclosures work because they make the best of space usage in a smaller area like a very tiny bathroom. For example, maybe you’ve got a small first-floor bathroom with just a sink and toilet in it, and you’d like to expand it to be a bathroom with a shower installed too. However, it’s generally the case that normal shower enclosures do not fit in such spaces. This is where quadrant shower enclosures can be used to best effect.

Quadrant shower enclosures are a unique take on traditional corner shower enclosures, because although they’re smaller, they also have the illusion of being more spacious than they actually are, helping to make the room itself look larger. Because of their modern, sleek design, they’re also very simple to clean, and they don’t have very many seams, which make mildew and mold less likely to grow in them.

There are several popular models of quadrant shower enclosures. Some of these include:

The Uno

The Uno is made by Manhattan and closes with a single door, with two different measurements, either 800 x 800 mm, or 900 x 900 mm. It has a bespoke tray and can be set up with a right or left hand option, depending on the set up you need for your bathroom. Its click ‘n clean system makes it easier to clean and perform maintenance.

The Duo

The Duo is a relative of the Uno, with two sliding doors instead of one. It has the option to do left or right hand side configuration depending on your bathroom setup. It also has the aforementioned click ‘n clean system, similar to the Uno.

The Identity

This is from the April Shower Door collection, with quick release doors and concealed fittings.

The Prestige

Also of the April Shower Door collection, this also has concealed fittings and quick release doors, for safety.

The Budget Quad Shower

By LWCC, this basic chrome finish Quad shower motto has smooth running doors that slide in either direction, made of clear glass that will fit just about any bathroom. This is quality and price in one basic package.

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