The Biblical Account of Creation

Order, beauty, wonder: all the results of a big bang or the product of an all -wise and almighty Creator – which would you prefer to believe? You have gawked admiringly at the beautiful valley stretching below you as you stood upon the mountain?s height; you have looked with wonder at the countless stars shining in the firmament; you have looked at the many varied colors of flowers in the park and you have, like David, wondered at the work of Almighty God. So gorgeous; so various; so incredible; it simply could not be the product of chance and you've been persuaded that it all reflects the power and wisdom of the God to Whom it owes its creation and existence.

That's why our planet Earth (and indeed the entire universe) is so amazing, so wonderful and fully unique. The concepts, unfounded and unproven, of men to try and explain these wonders are pathetic and not deserving of any significant consideration; they need more religion than to accept the simple but potent words with which the Scriptures commence, “In the start God made the heaven and the earth”. We who are followers accept with no question that “all things were manufactured by Him; and without Him wasn't anything made that was made” John 1.3. The omnipotent word of Divine power brought everything into being; starting with nothing, everything was created.

“His voice o’er the vast waste of waters was heard and lo, the creation in beauty appeared.”

Evolution, the Big Bang theory and other such fallacies are rather more incredulous than the Biblical account of creation and are unscriptural and unscientific, though propounded by supposedly perceptive people.

The very atmosphere that envelops our planet is unique in that it contains a far higher proportion of oxygen than any other planet, required for sustaining life. The distance of the earth from the sun, 93 million miles is ideal: 1 or 2 degrees close to the sun and we'd be burned to cinders and a few degrees further from the sun would end in us being frozen to death. God has placed planet Earth at the most acceptable distance from that glowing orb that plays such a central part in our lives. Earth’s orbit and axial lean, its magnetic field and oceanic circulation, its seasons, its sunlight and night and its rotation are all precisely as needed for the sustenance of life. A trifling fortuitous alignment of circumstances; purely coincidental or the intelligent design of Our Lord God, an all-wise Creator?

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