The Advantage of Convenience with Gas Fireplace Inserts

Who needs gas fireplace inserts when you already have an existing wood burning traditional fireplace. A lot of homes have old fireplace models that offer the wonderful comfort and sensation of a crackling fire. Then again, old fireplaces that burn wood have many problems and hassles. This is where inserts come in.

Gas inserts are exactly what the term suggests. They can be inserted into preexisting traditional fireplaces. Instead of burning wood however, they work on propane or natural gas to heat a room. Gas inserts are a preferred modern convenience because they eliminate the need to chop wood, manually adjust wood and clean ash or soot. In other words, inserts are cleaner, more convenient alternatives.

Many homeowners have also discovered that they are cheaper. This is especially true if there is already an existing firebox. One good thing about a gas fireplace insert is that you do not have to pay for construction or extensive renovation. You just have to pay an installer to integrate your gas insert with your old fireplace. Depending on local guidelines, some homeowners may even be able to install their own units themselves.

While traditional fireplaces often waste a lot of heat, inserts are energy efficient. Some estimate that as much as 90% of heat could go up a chimney when one burns wood. That’s almost equivalent to a great waste of time and energy. Inserts on the other hand are very efficient and are designed to push heated air into a room. Some have double walls in between which air is heated. Some also have blowers to facilitate heat transfer into a room.

You don’t have to worry when it comes to design. Gas fireplace inserts can be quite attractive and stylish. Some have pre-installed brick or tile designs. There are a few other models though that have blank walls. These can accommodate custom brick designs that you can choose to your liking.

There are two types of inserts. One type is vented. This type makes use of the existing flue or chimney to vent out vapor and waste. In homes where chimneys are no longer functional or where they may not exist, a vent may be cut out from the external wall behind the fireplace.

Inserts can also be vent free. These are often used for houses that do not have preexisting traditional fireplaces. In this case, inserts come with their own decorative exterior and are simply installed on any wall in a home. There is no need to construct a vent. Some experts contend though that this may be a potentially dangerous option because of the possibility of carbon monoxide buildup. This is why this model is not permitted in some states and countries. In case you can and you do install a vent free fireplace, make sure you invest in reliable gas monitors too.

Gas fireplace inserts are great innovations. In this modern day and age, you can bring the family back to the hearth with a reliable insert. Just make sure you have the right type for your specific needs.

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