Sydney Plumber – Save $$$ With Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water heating accounts for about 20% (or more) of the average North American household’s annual energy costs. With energy costs rising daily, it is becoming important to take a closer look at exactly where the money is heading.

The typical annual cost for a traditional gas or electric storage hot water heater is around $500 for a 1300sq.ft. It decreases or raises based on how many people live in the house and on their particular water usage habits.

Another thing that irritates all of us, is waiting for the water to heat up because someone took a bath before us. The storage tank water heaters only have a limited amount of hot water. After that is used up, you have to wait for the tank to get heated once again.

Because the effectiveness rate of tankless water heaters is about 20% greater, averaging around 90% and rising to 96% and there is no stand by losses, savings on your energy bills are evident.

Some versions actually have the capability to heat the house at the same time. With these tankless water heaters, which are linked either to radiant floor heat or to a heating coil in your furnace (air handler), you can bring high efficiency space heating capabilities to every home.

Just envision a contraption the size of your kitchen cabinet, heating your home and providing you a never-ending supply of potable hot water. You do not require a separate furnace and a separate hot water heater.

Some models can be mounted on the exterior of a house, freeing up valuable floor and closet space on the inside. The unit could be positioned in a recessed box, flush-mounted and painted or textured to complement the exterior of the house.

Tankless water heaters can also be used for supplementary heat, such as a booster to a solar hot water system, or snow melting systems, or to meet all of your hot water needs.

The main players include: Takagi, Rheem, Noritz, Rinnai and up and coming Luna Baxi.

We would recommend researching various makes and models so as to make the correct option for your specific needs and circumstances.

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