Switching From City Life To Rural Life

For those considering a move from the city out to the country, this can be a grand adventure. You are embarking on a totally different kind of life, which can be hugely fulfilling. It is important to note, however, that there are definitely some adjustments that one needs to make and understand.

While you might be excited about this new adventure, it is a change of pace and you need to adjust to the atmosphere of the new area rather than expecting the area’s residents to adjust to you. When you lived in the city, you adapted to the way residents live there and the same is true in a rural area. Get involved in the community, attend city council meetings, smile and introduce yourself to neighbors and shopkeepers, go to local events and festivals.

For many people, moving to a rural area means they wish to place more of an emphasis on self sufficiency. This might mean learning to garden and raising livestock or simply living with less. As much fun as it can be, this is an adjustment and you need to do some research before you begin. This is especially true if you wish to raise chickens or other animals. You definitely need to be ready to handle a variety of issues, so take some classes, read some books and be ready to learn from some of your mistakes. Also, be willing to go slowly. Begin by learning how to garden, and then perhaps add a few chickens, and then maybe learn how to raise another type of animal.

We get spoiled in the cities and suburbs with plenty of services and entertainment. In the country, this is harder to find. There isn’t a Starbucks or yoga studio or martini bar on every corner, so you need to learn to live differently. This takes time, and you simply need to learn how to slow down and fill up your day with different types of activities.

Another interesting change concerns your utilities. If you live several miles outside of a town, it’s possible that you won’t have easy access to city sewage lines, water lines or natural gas. So you will have to find other ways to get water, heat and deal with sewage. A septic tank can be installed to handle sewage, but you will need to learn how to maintain it. A water collection system will be necessary, as well, if the city lines are too far away. Using propane can be a great way to provide your home with heat, as well as using it for the water heat, the stove top and the washer and dryer.

Sometimes the home you buy already will have a propane tank but you will need to have the tank, valves and hoses inspected. If there is no tank, you can buy one or lease one and have it installed behind your house. The company that installs the tank also probably sells propane, and you will need to buy propane from time to time to fill up your tank. Thrifty Propane sells HD-5 propane, which is absolutely the only type of propane you should consider purchasing. It is the cleanest burning, purest type of propane on the market. If you need Maryland propane, Michigan propane, Ohio propane, Pennsylvania propane or propane delivery in West Virginia, New Jersey or Delaware, consider giving Thrifty Propane a call.

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