Surprise Your Special Little Girl This Christmas With Lalaloopsy Dolls

Your little girl will be surprised with her Lalaloopsy dolls this Christmas. She will explore the virtual enchanting world of 3D fun. Have fun with the dolls in a recipe race or driving games plus many other exciting fun things to do. There are many different little dollies to enjoy. Each sewn with a special piece of fabric. Once the last stitch is in place they magically come to life. Each with their own special cute whimsical appearance. Lalaloopsy land is a magical colorful place to explore.

Let’s take a look at a few of the dolls and find out what makes them so special.

Smart little Bea Spells Allot enjoys talking to her friends and always obeys the rules. Her adorable little pet owl loves to play too. Bea Spells Allot magically came to life on National Dictionary Day. She was made using a piece of a school dress.

A real Bakers Apron was used to make Crumbs Sugar Cookie. Full of manners and as polite as can be. Crumbs loves to have tea and goodies with all of her friends. National Cookie Day on December fourth is when she came to life in Lalaloopsy Land. She enjoys playing with her pet mouse.

Silly little Peanut Big top was sewn using a scrap of a real clowns suit. She loves to have fun with her friends and her cute elephant. On April Fools Day Peanut Big top magically came alive to bring fun to Lalaloopsy.

A remnant from a pair of painters pants was used to make Spot Splatter Splash. She enjoys using bold bright colors to be creative. While Spot eats her very favorite food, spaghetti it gets kind of messy. An adorable little pet Zebra joins in on all the fun. International Artist Day, October twenty-fifth is the day that magic brought her to life.

The little scientist Dot Starlight was sewn from a piece of an astronaut’s suit. She enjoys learning about the clouds and science with her pet bird. Dot Starlight came to life on July twentieth, the day that the first man actually walked on the earth.

The cutie little Pillow Feather Bed was sewn with a piece of a little babies blanket. She loves to read with her little sheep and have cookies and milk. She came to life in Lalaloopsy on The Festival of Sleep day, January third.

Warm little Mittens Fluff”N” Stuff is sewn from a scrap of an Eskimos scarf. Mittens and her Polar Bear love keeping warm by the fire drinking cocoa. They always have fun in Lalaloopsy playing in the snow. She magically was born on the very first day of winter, December twenty-first.

To join the Lalaloopsy Land you will need the 3D Unity Player this will allow you to download virus free. There is no charge for registration.

The Lalaloopsy Land website says these Lalaloopsy dolls are sew magical, sew cute!

Surprise your little girl with some fabulous Lalaloopsy Dolls this Holiday Season. Get the low down in our guide to Lalaloopsy Dolls now!

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