Summertime Energy Expenses: Exactly What You Can Do To Lower Them

Summer can be a miserable season, specifically if you reside in a very hot and muggy part of the nation. Over 80 % of American households have air-conditioners and, in some regions, it would be difficult to endure the summertime heat without one. The downside to having an air conditioning system in your house, nevertheless, is that your electrical energy expenses can be shocking during the summer. Right here are some suggestions to keep your utility expenses and check even throughout the dog days of summer.

Step # 1: We ensured that the cool air remained inside our home. Among the first things that I did was to examine the windows and doors to see to it that they were not permitting the cool air to escape. I observed that a number of our windows required a bit of maintenance. So I purchased some weather stripping and made them impenetrable. It cost me under $20 and just took a few hours to do all the windowpanes in our home. This helped greatly by keeping the cool air where we required it: inside our home.

Suggestion # 2: Make sure that your thermostat is getting an accurate reading of the temperature inside your home. Not only can a sweltering garage force your air conditioner to run longer, but a thermostat without sufficient airflow can also result in ineffectiveness. Take a look at your air conditioning unit thermostat. If there are any huge furniture pieces or electronics near it, consider moving them. If the thermostat is beside things that make it hot, it will assume that your whole home is hotter than it really is.

Idea # 3: Buy an inexpensive programmable thermostat. This will certainly allow you to determine how cool you want your home to be and set up the thermostat to switch off as soon as it gets to that temperature. In addition, programmable thermostats let you set a time for when you really want the air conditioning unit to switch on. For instance, you might set your air conditioner to start 30 minutes prior to you return home from work. This is a great way to conserve cash due to the fact that you will not have to run the system all the time when people are not in the house.

Pointer # 4: Take a look at your lawn. In particular, analyze the exterior compressor for your ac system. If possible, it is best if the compressor sits in the shade. This can be achieved by planting plants or trees near the unit. By some estimates, an air conditioning system that sits in the direct sunlight is 15 % less efficient than one in the shade. See to it that you wipe any dirt, grass, or leaves that might fall into the compressor.

Step # 5: The last step that I took may sound counter-intuitive. I hired a HVAC expert to come out and have a look at the ac system. Even though cash was tight, I wished to see to it that the unit was running effectively and that there weren\’t any leakages or issues with the ducts. I understood that letting an issue like that fester might cost a ton of cash in the long run. The checkup on the cost me hundred dollars and it ensured me that the a/c was running as effectively as possible.

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