Safari Living Room Ideas

Safari living room ideas bring the exotic jungle vibe in the interior design of a living space. They are perfect for fans of the wilderness and homeowners with the adventurous spirit. They are the best ways to feel like you are on a big safari adventure every day.

A wall without doors or windows is an element of African safari living room ideas. It can be painted darker than the other three walls of the room. One black wall in a brown-colored living room would be an ideal set up.

As a complement to a safari theme, safari living room ideas offer styles consisting of brown leather, dark wood grains or a rustic bamboo appearance. One or two small furniture items with an animal print pattern may be chosen. A zebra print ottoman could be an option for this purpose.

Safari living room ideas offer various linens and throw pillows in shades of brown, beige, black and animal prints. However, animal prints must be limited to linen items in the room. To make the pattern stand out, an area rug or throw pillows in various colors, with animal prints or actual pictures of African animals may be scattered around the room.

Safari living room ideas offer textures of woven natural materials and grasses as wall treatments to one or all of the living room walls. An airy aura with a safari feel is provided by the use of a range of light browns, mochas, sands and beiges on walls and floors.

Rugs, carpets, throw pillows and wall decor are safari living room ideas that may feature animal prints. A pattern with zebra or cheetah prints may be taken and used as the theme for the furniture, decor, wall and window treatments. Jungle ideas mixing earthy tones may be inclusions to the design. Earthy tones would be deep browns, greens, oranges, golds and yellows.

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