Real Estate Developmentsthe Way to Progress

The ability of towns to grow and develop rests with its inhabitants. The final outcome is a result of the choices and decisions made by the townsfolk themselves. While the people in charge have the task of overseeing the daily town activities, decisions that will have a large impact on the town itself requires the cooperation of everyone.

As far as history and background is concerned, Hoquiam in Washington has traditionally been a logging and exporting town. Annual festivals and events like the logging competitions and the well-known Loggers Playday. What is noteworthy is that this event is also known internationally and people from all over come to see the festivities.

Discussions on real estate developments have slowly been making its presence felt in the Hoquiam waterfront area. If these developments push through, it would certainly add a new facet to the face of the town itself. Quite a number of proposals and suggestions have been put forth as to how to go about the towns development but it still remains to be seen just how everything will take shape. Bottom line is that a general consensus from the town populace will be needed for these plans to actually materialize.

A well-developed waterfront area makes for good economic sense. It will certainly bring about plenty of opportunities for both tourism and business endeavors. The additional income for the town notwithstanding, it will depend solely on how the town officials will choose to implement the necessary changes and updates.

The Hoquiam waterfront had its heyday during the 1980s and hasn’t been the same since then. Proposals to bring back those glory days have been put forth like additional real estate developments. Notwithstanding the potential expenditures involved, theres also the question of whether the town officials can be expected to live up to the responsibility of managing the town developments.

Another matter needing careful consideration is the relationship that Hoquiam will have with its neighboring towns. Towns have always been in a rivalry of sorts with each other and a healthy dose has always been very beneficial for growth. Hoquiams location provides for a unique opportunity to innovate even further since it has the distinct location of being situated near the mouth of the river.

Baltimore and San Antonio present examples of places that have been successful in turning their waterfront areas into great opportunities. They transformed these places into thriving tourism and business districts which benefited a lot of residents. How Hoquiam will pursue this matter is a question of how the townspeople themselves want to do the same.

In summary, the town’s progress cannot be realized unless everyone takes part. It takes a united effort for a whole town or city to advance further and the efforts of only a few just won’t cut it. If done correctly, the resulting outcome will effectively bring about the desired changes and even the opportunity to leave the next generation with a wonderful legacy to be proud of.

Wade Entezar explains how Hoquiam thinks about the future and its riverfront.

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