Radio Flyer Wagons – Still the Best Choice

The Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon has been around for decades and is easily recognizable by its bright red color and black wheels. These wagons have been around so long simply because they are well-made and durable. Children will have fond memories of riding in the red wagon around the park, through the zoo, and maybe even on the beach. Once children grow out the wagon, or are too big to play with it, the wagons make a great gardening and yard tool for parents.

The Radio Flyer wagon has seen little changes over the years, but those that have been made were usually for the child’s added security and safety, as well as the durability of the wagon. Including tires that have air like a bike tire but are wider, make pulling the wagon easy, even in the sad.

Reasons for choosing a Radio Flyer wagon over some other brand include:

1. 50% higher sides, sometimes removable, 2. real tires which make rides less bumpy for the children, 3. extra-long handle for easier pulling, 4. large body size for holding more than one small child, and 5. controlled turning to prevent tipping.

With higher sides, children are less likely to accidentally fall out; but the sides are low enough, or removable, allowing children to easily climb in and out. Real rubber, air-filled tires make pulling and riding easier. The long handle makes pulling easier and folds into the wagon for easy storage and transporting.

The larger body size allows for taking two or three small children along for the ride. The tires turning on their own radius help prevent the wagon from turning over. Whether you are purchasing it for you to pull your children, or for your children to play with as a toy, the Radio Flyer wagon will provide years of enjoyment.

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