Pros and Cons of Using Stainless Tiles

“Stainless steel tiles have become so popular today that many people are wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a stainless steel tile. This article will show you the pros and cons of the said tiles to help you determine if you should buy it or not.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Tiles

Availability of Patterns and Finishes – Stainless steel tiles are greatly available in different variety of finishes and patterns. You can find many different designs and patterns of stainless steel tiles available in the market today. So you could be assured that you will find one that best suit your style, whether on your local market or through the internet.

Style – For those people who are after a kitchen with a contemporary looking theme, then using stainless steel tiles would be the best option for you to take. They are great for contemporary looking kitchen because they leave a modish look finish to your kitchen. Plus, it is also a practical thing to use.

Heat and Water-resistant – another great characteristic that stainless steels have is that they are known to be heat and water-resistant.

Durability and Maintenance-free – Stainless steel tile are more durable than ceramic tiles. They do not break when dropped and they are also more hygienic. One great thing about stainless steel tiles is that they need not to be polished anymore and they do not fade.

Drawbacks of Using Stainless Steel Tiles

Not Good For Cold Regions – Like most other metals, stainless steel tile is also a good conductor of heat and cold, which makes it bad to install in houses that are located in cold regions. Setting up a stainless steel tiles in cold regions will make the tiles feel cold to touch and this can be irritating.

Scratch and Dents easily – Though stainless steel tiles are more resistant breakage than ceramic tiles, they are scratched and dent easily than ceramic tiles, granite and marble tiles. To prevent those tiles from denting easily, put it on a flat and solid surface. Putting a stainless steel tile on top of a bumpy surface will surely dent the tile.

Stains easily – Another disadvantage of stainless steel tile is that they easily are stained. Once you spill a tomato juice or paste, lemon, or any other acidic food it is advised that you immediately wipe those off so that it won’t leave any stain on the stainless steel tile.

If you have read all the pros and cons listed above then you should have been able to make a decision already whether you will buy stainless steel tile or ceramic tile.”

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