Propane Prices & Conservation Tips: Save Money, Use Fewer Resources

While people talk about the merits of conservation in terms of society in general, conserving energy also improves your finances. After all, the less Ohio propane or Kentucky propane you use, the less you have to buy. Read on and you\’ll discover some important information about propane, as well as some ways to save on propane and conserve this fuel.

As we all know, greenhouse gases such as coal not only seem to be a contributor to climate change, they pollute the environment in general. Propane, on the other hand, is not a greenhouse gas and does not contribute significantly to pollution. While it does come from petroleum and natural gas, scientists have been working on creating renewable propane, which could truly create significant changes in our global energy use. Propane customers have the satisfaction of knowing that they aren\’t using fuel from the grid and also not polluting the environment.

Propane prices do go up and down and can change from day to day. This is due to the price of petroleum and also due to propane demand. Propane is produced at a constant rate throughout the course of the year, but demand gets higher during the colder months which can cause prices to go up. However, some propane companies will let you pre-purchase hundreds of gallons of propane and if you buy when the cost is low, you can save a bunch of money. In general, when you see that prices are below about 80 cents per gallon, this is a smart time to buy.

If you\’ve been using propane for a while, you probably already have a 250-gallon propane tank, a 300-gallon propane tank or perhaps a 500-gallon propane tank. If you are a propane beginner, finding propane tanks for sale is something you will have to do, and most propane companies sell or lease propane tanks in many sizes. Leasing is usually very inexpensive, but if you want to buy, consider purchasing a refurbished tank as these costs hundreds less than a new tank. Also, a few propane companies will give away a free tank to customers who pre-purchase many gallons of propane. Be sure to pre-buy at a good price to save money on the tank and the propane.

Conserving this fuel can be easy if you make a few adjustments in your home. Be sure that air isn\’t escaping through drafts in your windows or doors. Also, go up into the attic and look to see if you have enough insulation. A programmable thermostat also can help regulate propane use. Set the thermostat so that the heater goes off or air conditioning shuts off when you aren\’t at home. Also keep the heat low at night and have it switch on just a few minutes prior to waking up.

Some conservation tips will help you conserve propane as well as water. A propane water heater won\’t have to work as hard if you take very short showers. Don\’t run the dishwasher unless it\’s completely full, and don\’t wash clothing until you have a full load. Washing in cold water also conserves propane. Drying clothes uses up propane, so consider just drying for 10 minutes and then hanging clothes out to dry, if possible. Less drying time actually preserves your clothing and prevents shrinking, which also can help you save money.

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