Prioritizing Safety Without Investing A Lot

Safety continues to be one of my main priorities ever since I started working at night. Sadly, I am still paying my student loans and don’t have the cash for high-tech security weapons. But, a coworker revealed to me where we could both buy stun guns for less. Stun guns are non-lethal personal protection weapons that send an electric shock to the body upon contact. Because of this, the enemy is going to find it hard to move, giving the victim enough time to run and also search for allow.

The vendor recommended a 4.5 million volt cellular phone stun weapon which seemed very much like an ordinary camera cell phone. It was merely 3.8 inches high and could be taken around easily within our pockets. Furthermore, it had a built-in 12 LED flashlight.

Disguised stun guns provide you with the advantage of electrically stunning the crook without him knowing. With these types, it would seem to him that we were only having our cell phones.

I become interested on a multi-function stun gun which also functioned as a flashlight as well as alarm. It was a rechargeable stun weapon, thus saving me further from purchasing as well as changing its batteries on a regular basis.

This particular flashlight stun gadget could release 4.5 million volts and function as a personal security alarm, too. Aside from incapacitating offenders, stun alarms can attract attention as well as help to the scene of the crime by just a push of a button.

My colleague obtained a knuckle stun gun which was specifically made, by being worn on the knuckles, to allow you a simpler and stronger hold on the unit. It released 950,000 volts, offering added power to his punches.

As his is a high voltage stun gun, the likelihood of him knocking an opponent down is increased. After all, our major goal in buying stun guns was to survive being assailed.

I always thought that self-defense devices were expensive until I discovered just where to buy stun guns for less. Now, I can defend myself without paying too much. Keeping safe don’t have to be costly.

Rona C Sheftelman has been educating people how to operate self defense products to defend themselves for years. There are dozens of options, including stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He offers full help and instruction on how to operate the products. More Information

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