Why Pregnant Moms Need To Be Selective Of The Food She Eats

It is vital that a woman who is pregnant gets the proper nutrition. Most pregnant women need at least 300 calories above what they normally eat and some may even need more than that. A woman needs to make sure that she is eating a balanced diet with all the vitamin and mineral requirements. There are several key mineral needs for a pregnant woman. These include Calcium, Iron, and Folic Acid. A growing baby will need lots of calcium from mama in order to grow healthy bones and teeth.

In light of how important calcium is to your baby, you need to get 40% more calcium than you normally take, perhaps more if you weren’t getting adequate calcium before pregnancy. So what does 40% more calcium mean? About 1000 mg daily. That may seem like a lot, but you would be surprised at how many of the things you normally eat contain calcium. Foods like low fat dairy products, cereals, green vegetables, and dried beans all have a nice supply of calcium. You can also take a calcium supplement.

Did you know that one of the most common problems of pregnant women is anemia? Anemia is very simple to keep from happening. Just get the right amount of iron, or about 27-30 mg a day. This will help to keep unwanted cramps at bay, as well as give an overall feeling of well being. You can get iron from eating red meat, dried fruits, salmon, eggs, and leafy vegetables.

According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, all pregnant women need a good supply of folic acid. This will prevent many tragic birth defects such as spina bifida. Several good sources of folic acid are rice, pasta, spinach, and whole grain breads, just to name a few.

In addition to all this, pregnant women need to stay well hydrated. This will help prevent some of the annoyances of pregnancy and more serious things, like preterm labor.

It is very important that a woman is very careful about her health, as she is eating, drinking and breathing through two, not just one. She needs to be very careful about food poisoning. Here are some things that a pregnant woman should avoid. Raw meat, uncooked beef, uncooked poultry, and raw eggs are just a few.

Also, they need to be aware that raw milk and unpasteurized cheese can carry listeria. There is quite a list of sea food that needs to be avoided because of the mercury content. The mercury level can be so high in some fish that it could harm the baby.

Finally, drugs, alcohol, and caffeine need to be eliminated. Not only can these cause birth defects, but at birth the baby may show withdrawal symptoms. You are making choices now for two not just one. Make your choices wisely.

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