Home Pregnancy Testing And Early Pregnancy Symptoms

A big sign of a potential pregnancy is of course a missed period (though there are other reasons for this such as stress). But before even that there are things that can happen to a woman that can be observed, though they vary from woman to woman. For example the sickness can come before a missed period, some women say they were bloated just a few days in and others felt a tightening in the tummy.

If you have observed such signs and are about to take a pregnancy test before a missed period you need to make sure the test is one designed to do so and says it is sensitive enough to detect what will only be low levels of the pregnancy hormone, hCG. However the fact is early testing is not as accurate as testing after a missed period. The per cent rate drops from around 97 per cent to 90 per cent so you may still need to retest after a few days anyway, as it is more possible to get a false negative result.

There are early signs your body may be giving off of a pregnancy that you can watch for such as: Feeling fatigued. Vomiting (not just in the morning). Light spotting (3-12 days after ovulating). As mentioned, bloating. Blue veins on your breasts, some swelling and a feeling of tenderness. Frequent visits to the bathroom. Food cravings.

Symptoms change from woman to woman, and in some are severe, and in others do not appear at all. Some woman start noticing signs within just a few days of being pregnant, and others may have to wait a few weeks. Every woman’s body is different and how the changing hormones and rising hCG levels affect it changes too.

A home pregnancy test can help you know for sure if you are seeing signs. They are simple to use and just involve either putting a test stick into your urine stream or into a cup of your urine. After one to three minutes the results will show. Make sure your test suits you and is the right sensitivity. If you have physical signs, have missed a period, but are still getting a negative result see your doctor.

All there is to know about any early pregnancy test available and pregnancy testing in general. Today’s special: when to take a pregnancy test

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