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Rhino Shelter specializes in the manufacture of instant garages, portable shelters, greenhouses, carports, party tents, and canopies, which they have offered their customers since 2001. Among their numerous products, Rhino Shelter manufactures and sells a 12 x 20 x 8 one car instant garage, which can protect a car or other vehicle from the weather. This 12 x 20 x 8 Rhino Shelter design features make it a convenient and durable option for portable vehicle protection.

The most unique feature of a rhino shelter is they are very easy to install for most home owners. These portable sheds come with a clear step by step instruction manual that make the installation process straight forward. All the parts are marked and once you unpack your kit and identify the inventory you will have no trouble in doing the job. All rhino shelters include all necessary hardware and all parts are pre-drilled and include bolts and accessories just like a Lego set…! Rhino also provide earth anchors for their shelters which ensure a stable structure.

While it is possible to build a concrete base for a rhino shelter, it is not always necessary. They can be easily placed directly on grass or dirt surface. Another option is to use concrete slabs that can be removed later if moving your temporary garage. When a rhino shelter is installed, the feature of full height zipper doors front and back makes it easily accessible from both ends or to drive through if needed. These doors comes with heavy duty grommets and bungee tie backs to keep them blowing around in windy weather. When doors are zipped down your contents are well protected from the elements and save as houses.

A unique feature about rhino shelter is their fabric covers are made from a triple layer fabric that contains a black scrim middle layer that offers a uv resistant quality and will block the sun penetration from damaging the fabric during the hot summer months. This helps to prolong the life of a rhino shelter and rhino, unlike other brands offer a 2 year warranty on all their covers. Rhino’s covers are also coated with a fire retardant chemical that offers additional protection and gives their product an extra degree of integrity over the cheaper brands. Most of their portable sheds are available in green, grey and tan colors.

They have designed their covers with rip-stop poly fabric to avoid rips and tears. With ratchet straps, the cover always fits tightly to the frame, which helps repel rain and heavy snow without tearing or collapsing. Due to these technologies, they estimate their covers to last seven to ten years regardless of sun exposure.

Rhino Shelter has manufactured the frames for their instant garages out of hot double-dipped, genuine galvanized steel. They cast their nuts and bolts out of stainless steel to avoid corrosion and rust. In addition to the strength of galvanized steel, Rhino Shelter adds extra layers of protection, including a clear organic polymer, to increase strength and avoid corrosion within the frame parts. With these components, Rhino Shelter instant garages can withstand wind, snow, and rain and just about any type of weather.

The 12x20x8 rhino shelter will provide suitable storage for tractors, suv’s, cars, bikes patio equipment and just about any kind of storage needs you could think of. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a traditional garage shelter then buying a rhino shelter portable shed is certainly a good and worthy investment that won’t break the bank but is nearly as strong as any bank..!

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