Plumber In Sydney – Fixing A Leaky Faucet – Determining Faucet Type

Drip, drip, drip. There are many inconveniences to be reckoned with whenever you have a leaky faucet in your home. Firstly, the noise can vary from a minor tapping in the background to some major hurdle to sleep at night. You stand to lose some cash when it comes to energy expenses, as well, if the water you’re losing is hot.

There are many ways to remedy your problem when you encounter a leaky faucet, some of them band-aid solutions and some of them more permanent. One temporary answer is to purchase a faucet washer- a little piece of metal that can screw on to the opening of your faucet to delay the drip action. The water is still leaking, but the quantity being lost is what’s being dammed. This strategy does not work for very long, nevertheless, and can even be damaging in that it may make you fail to remember that you actually have to fix that leak sometime.

The much more permanent answer. Of course, is to find the source of the drip and fix it. This is a relatively simple process that most individuals will be able to accomplish on their own; if you employ a plumber for it, you will be spending some big bucks which you won’t really need to.

You will find four basic types of faucets- ball type, disc type, cartridge type, and compression type.

Compression type faucets are the earliest and most common types of faucet, and will be identified in 2 steps. The first action is visual- if your faucet has separate handles for the hot and cold water, it is either a cartridge or compression faucet. You are able to determine which your faucet is either by feel or by taking the mechanism apart and again analyzing it visually. Compression faucet handles are intended to screw down and up so that you can turn off or release the water flow- you need to add pressure in order to turn the tap off the entire way. A cartridge faucet doesn’t require this added pressure, it merely swings effortlessly shut and the water flow is cut off.

The cartridge kind of faucet is washerless, as would be the other two kinds, ball and disc. Ball types are run by a single handle that swings back and forth between the hot and cold by a ball mechanism at the base of the faucet. Disc kinds have a single handle that stretches outward towards the faucet and moves up and down to turn the water on and off, with a smooth horizontal pattern to alter the levels of hot and cold water.

Once you have determined what kind of faucet you have, you’ll require to stick to the right procedures for fixing the drip according to the type of faucet you have identified.

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