What is a Dog’s Vision Like

Dogs are believed to have the eerie ability to see spirits and ghosts. Dogs are believed to have the ability to seen paranormal entities but their vision was proven to be inferior to what humans have. The rather poor vision of man’s best friends is fully compensated by its ultrasensitive scenting abilities and its excellent hearing abilities.

So what kind of vision do dogs have? Dogs’ vision is different from ours in several respects. Before studies have been conducted on how dogs see, it was a common belief that dogs can see only whites and greys. Studies have proven that dogs can see colors but unlike humans that have trichomatic vision, dogs are noted to have dichromatic vision. While humans can see the whole spectrum, dogs can see only some colors in the spectrum. It would be impossible to ask dogs what colors they see but it is generally believed that dogs primarily see shades of yellow and blue. Dogs cannot distinguish red and orange as they do not have the cones that are sensitive to these colors.

Dogs are known to have better vision in the dark. Because of the excellent vision dogs can hunt prey and protect the family and the property at night. The incredible night vision enables dogs to run at high speed even in the dark. This ability as well as its protective instinct are the reasons why these animals make dependable watch dogs. Dogs have an excellent night vision because they can dilate their pupils more thereby letting in more light.

Dogs owe their incredible night vision to the a layer of reflective cells called tapetum lucidum, situated behind the retina that reflects back light and allows to see objects clearly even in dim light. Dogs have a more accurate and developed wide angle vision and peripheral vision. This vision gives the dog the ability to see even the slightest distant movement.

Focusing on the shape of an object is difficult for dogs because of their low visual acuity. Although dogs will be able to see movements from afar, the shape will not be distinguished. Objects that are clear to human eyes at seventy five feet will only be seen clearly and distinguished by dogs at 20 feet

Dogs and humans see the world differently. Dogs may not have an accurate color vision and their vision acuity is believed to be much inferior to ours but this kind of vision is well suited to their needs.

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