Tips On Choosing Healthy Maltese Puppies

A Maltese is a small breed dog with an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years and requires the appropriate care to ensure a healthy, well balanced pet. Choosing Maltese puppies is no simple task and many people make the mistake of being caught up in the excitement of the buying process and fail to research the breeder. Prevent ending up with a pet that is fraught with health issues and behavioral problems because it is not obtained from a reputable seller.

Once you have made the choice to buy a Maltese, the next step is to look for breeders who are reputable and reliable in the industry. A certification number may be offered with association with a kennel club that includes meeting with high standards of breeding and healthy maintenance measures. Puppies can prove costly, but this is related to the time and finances associated with vet assessments, socialization practices, genetic measures, and vaccinations.

A large number of buyers that are interested in pups may be overwhelmed by the excitement of the puppy and fail to consider healthy breeding practices. When buying from a seller you have not researched, it could lead to selecting pups that are not properly formed, have not been purely bred, and may display health issues at a later stage. One must put precautionary measures in place where a deposit may not be refunded and ongoing payments requested.

Before buying a Maltese, it is necessary to remain aware of what to look for in both the seller and the puppies. Learn how to identify healthy pups that are well bred including a curious nature, moist noses, and soft coats free from parasites, odors, and dry patches. Purchasing online requires a thorough investigation into updated images of both the puppies and the breeding pair to ensure that well balanced pets are sought.

Precautionary measures must be implemented where a seller is requesting more than one deposit and does not offer a guarantee or a refund. There is the possibility that you may not hear from the seller again once you have made the requested deposit. Do not purchase a Maltese puppy from a pet shop or individuals that may run puppy mills and disguise themselves and reputable breeders.

A seller should offer a contract that will list the terms and conditions associated with the purchase of pups including a basic veterinary assessment. The performance of genetic tests can identify the Maltese and adhere to particular breeding standards that will protect against ill health. Puppies must prove between 10 and 12 weeks of age and not 6 weeks when leaving the seller to its new home.

Genetic disorders must be examined and one must ask a reputable breeder a number of questions to ensure that the breeder is knowledgeable of these canines. A seller must offer structured guidelines that will provide a detailed breakdown on the care of puppies with focus on sterilization practices at the correct age. A large number of reputable sellers will require that a buyer remain on a waiting list for a litter.

Maltese pups must be chosen according to health standards and proof of genetic assessments. Registered breeders can offer medical certification and ensure that well adjusted puppies are provided to meet with its new owners. With the appropriate knowledge, it is possible to select pets that will best fit within the home environment.

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