Professional Horse Riding Lessons California Offers Begin With The Basics For Children And Adults

Children as young as four can take equestrian classes. They will be mounted on ponies that are suitable in size. Horses and ponies are measured in height at the withers in increments of four inches. The withers is the place where the neck meets the back. A hand is equal to four inches. For example, a pony can be thirteen hands high and a tall horse can be seventeen hands high. Most horse riding lessons California provides will teach this to all beginners.

The children age six and under usually take a half hour lesson at a time. For those seven and older, including adults, the classes last an hour. Before riding, the class will tack up their horses. This includes learning to brush, saddle and adjust the stirrups. Then they learn how to put the bridle on.

About forty minutes are spent receiving instructions on how to ride. Lastly the students untack their horses and return them to a pasture or stall. A brushing over the back will leave the horse feeling comfortable.

Everyone, children and adults, is required to own and wear a helmet for safety purposes. A cowboy hat may appeal to a child, but, when riding he wears a helmet. Jeans or long pants are mandatory as are shoes with a one-inch or higher heel. Students may not wear shorts, tank tops or tennis shoes. A shirt may have either short or long sleeves.

A riding instructor will take the time to evaluate each student for the purpose of placing him or her in the right class. Those with similar skills belong in the same class. Basic instructions include how to approach the mount while you are still on the ground. Hold out one hand with the palm down which is perceived as a friendly gesture.

If taking him out of a slip stall make a noise or talk to let him know you are there. A slip stall is for one horse. You should always saddle and mount from the left side. When in a slip stall, he is secured by attaching the halter to the hay manger using a knot called the slip knot.

Placing your left foot in the left stirrup of the saddle, you lift yourself up, swing your right leg over the saddle and put both feet in the stirrups. The reins are used to give signals to your mount. For example, to stop you pull back on the reins, but gently. Too much pressure may cause a horse to rear up on its hind legs.

To signal go, you loosen the reins and nudge gently with your heels or make a clicking sound. He should respond to the sound since it is a common practice to use it. If you are riding Western you will have single reins and hold them in your left hand. If riding English you will hold one rein in each hand.

Early lessons are held in an enclosed indoor arena or an outside ring, which is a fenced-in circle. The students learn to turn the mount to the right and left in addition to moving forward and stopping. These signals are repeated until both student and horse are performing them correctly. The student must learn to be in control and is responsible for how well the animal performs.

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