Natural Flea Control Methods At Home

Fleas have become a nuisance not only to human being s but also to animals as well. They lead to irritation of human skin as well as animal fur. The threat posed by these insects is real. This has been compounded by the fact that most of the chemicals developed to kill these insects are harmful to pets such as cats and dogs. With time, their bodies develop resistance to chemicals developed to destroy them. To rid ourselves of these creatures not only at home but in the outside environment, there are various natural flea control methods that can be applied. These methods are harmless and generally effective.

Fleas are mostly found on pets and breed in moist areas around our homes such as on the floors, cracks and walls. They have an extraordinary capability to live in the house for up to two years. Within this long period of time, they lay eggs that gradually grow in to larvae and then adults and the cycle is perpetuated leading to an overwhelming number of them. When chemicals known to deal a major blow on the are applied, they only manage to suppress and kill adult fleas living the eggs intact. This makes eradication of these animals virtually impossible.

Hygiene is an important consideration a pet owner should make. Simple requirements of a proper bath preferably using soapy water could be of great help to reducing flea infestation in the pets.soapy water is unbearable for the living things. Giving your pet a brush using a flea brush will help detect and remove them from the fur. When all that is done the possibilities of your pet having several fleas is minimized. Proper hygiene keeps the fleas away.

A proper diet boosts the immune system of your pet. It significantly reduces the many unwanted effects that these parasites might have on your pet. It is rare for fleas to attack animals that are clean and healthy.

Grooming properly, healthy and balanced diet and frequent exercise given to animals are basic, cheap and easy means to help them keep flea free.

Use of traps has also been advocated as one of the natural methods that can be used in a bid to eradicate these creatures.Lighting soapy water at night traps fleas as they are attracted by the warmth emanating from the light.When fall into the water, which is lethal to them, death will be inevitable.Use of electric trap should also be consideration.

An effective way to get rid of event he die hard eggs as well as the adults is by vacuuming the house. When cleaning the vacuumed area, use salt. It acts as a desiccating agent by causing dehydration on the fleas and leading to their death. The vacuum bag ought to be emptied and its content burnt to ensure that these animals do not get a way back into the house.

Finally, diatomaceous which is manufactured from natural substances, ought to be applied on animals(their fur) or scattered in the areas fleas are likely to be found. This product is absolutely lethal to these creatures but is relatively less harmless not only to humans but pets as well.

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