How To Make Certain That Your Horses Remain In Good Condition

Prevention is better than cure. When it comes to preventing horses from getting sick, the best way to achieve this is by making certain that they always remain in good condition. A key factor that contributes to sickness in animals is stress. This should be tackled if the animals are to remain healthy.

While most horses appear calm and jovial, there are those which seem very nervous. Much stress in an animal will most likely lead to ulcers, depression and even diarrhea. In extreme cases, this leads to a compromised immune system making your animal more prone to catching disease.

When combating stress, one of the things that must be done is to provide your solitary horse with a companion. Another key thing to note is that patience will go a long way in ensuring that your animal remains healthy especially when riding or during training. A horse should also be exposed to fresh experiences gradually.

It is important that annual vet exams are carried out on your farm animals. This must be done regardless of whether the animal appears fine or not. Even though a horse may appear to be doing just fine, a vet exam may reveal that there is a lurking disease which should be taken care of.

Due to various deadly diseases out there, it is critical that you vaccinate your horses yearly. Some of these lethal diseases include: tetanus, influenza and West Nile virus. Depending on where you live, a veterinary will always disclose to you whether you need to vaccinate your animals against other diseases.

In order to keep your animals healthy, one should ensure that they feed quality food to them. A critical piece of diet that should never be ignored is roughage. This can be found in pasture and hay. When it comes to buying roughage, ensure that you keep away from cheap commercial feed and hay.

Horse’s teeth should be filed frequently. Due to the similar types of feed that these animals feed on, it is common to find that their teeth are unevenly worn out. To combat this, a vet should be called regularly to file these teeth. When doing this, he or she will also be able to spot any other issues in the mouth.

One of the areas that should not be left behind when one is taking care of his horses are the hooves. When these hooves are damaged, it is practically impossible to ride her. Hoof care is to be done on a regular basis to prevent this. The best way to do this is by locating a good farrier and following a strict schedule.

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