Hog Farming: Some Facts & Figures

The world of hog farming might seem foreign to most people, but it is a huge industry in the country. In fact, the United States has more than 70,000 pig and hog farms. Some are huge factory operations, while others produce less than 50 hogs each year. Overall, more than 100 million pigs are raised in the United States, which ranks just behind Brazil and China in overall production.

Pork is in fact the world’s most commonly eaten meat and more than 40% of meat consumption worldwide is pork, followed by beef and then poultry. What’s your guess on what are the two most popular pork products consumed in the United States? If you guessed ham and bacon then you’re absolutely right. There’s nothing like and ham and bacon for breakfast, and ham sandwiches have been a top choice for lunches for decades.

Of course it’s not exactly a glamorous occupation, after all, your typical factory hog farm would produce tons of agricultural waste each year. A single hog farm can produce millions of tons of waste each year in fact, which can certainly be a problem for the local environment. If not carefully maintained, hog waste can seep into ground water and the gases emitted by waste are not just smelly, but also contain toxins harmful to people and animals in general. It’s not all bad news, however, as the waste can be managed and used for fertilizer and there are scientists currently trying to find a way to use this hog waste to produce energy.

In contrast to some of the benefits that the hog farm waste can provide alone, there are many typical problems associated with agricultural waste such as the buildup of sludge on the bottom of a deep pit or lagoon waste system which can be pretty nasty. Top-level crusting is another common problem associated with hog waste which leads to excessive odors an excess numbers of flies that is quite bothersome and unsanitary.

To combat these problems, there are natural products such as Agra Sphere and the Lagoon Agra Sphere which are pretty popular in the market that farmers can readily use. What’s good about these products is that they contain no chemicals and instead use naturally occurring bacteria to basically eat up the sludge and crust that often forms in every waste system that you happen to have.

For especially difficult-to-treat top-level crusting, treat the waste management system with something like Activator Plus product that is recommended by many people in the market. This product naturally eats away at the crust which is a safe method to use. Once the crust has liquefied, continue to treat regularly with Agra Sphere. Not only will this natural product keep problems at bay for it also improves the nutrient value of your manure or hog waste.

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