For A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Stud Service Contact Genuine Breeders

When sourcing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stud service, contact reputable breeders. A genuine breeder wants to breed his dog only to purebred, good quality animals. He may want documentation that your dog is disease-free. He may want to know why you wish to breed from your dog.

Genuine breeders will be seeking to eradicate genetic and sexually transmitted diseases from the breed. He will want to see evidence that your dog is free of these. If you wish to mate a pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to a top quality sire, the breeder will want to know that your dog is of good quality. He may even want to inspect it before agreeing to the service.

Many purebred dogs are bred indiscriminately and are of poor quality. As the owner of a bitch, you will be looking for a quality sire. One way of determining quality is to look for championship stock in the dog’s pedigree. If no champions are found in the first four or five generations, then the dog may not be of breeding quality. A championship demonstrates that the dog’s conformation meets the required breed standard.

This is an ideal breed for an apartment. These friendly little creatures are very social and perfect as a lap dog. At the same time they have plenty of energy. They like company and socialise well with other pets.

Canine activities that can be enjoyed with this breed include agility and obedience trials. They have a gentle, affectionate nature. Many find their niche as a therapy dog. Unfortunately shedding can be a problem and regular grooming is a necessity.

They come in four colours. Blenheims are chestnut and white. Tricolours are black, tan and white while Rubies are a solid red. The fourth colour is the Black and Tan. The Tricolour has rich tan eye and cheek patches. The inside of the ears and underside of the tail is also tan. Black and Tans are jet black and bright tan while the Ruby is a rich red. Tricolours and Rubies should not have white markings.

Animals intended for the show ring must have the correct colouring. The chestnut on the head of the Blenheim must be separated by a white blaze. Ideally, the markings will be symmetrical. The ears must be chestnut and eye patches should be present. The Blenheim spot is a chestnut dot on top of the head, also called the lozenge. In Tudor times, toy spaniels were found at Blenheim Castle. Today’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel have developed from these dogs.

There is feathering even on the feet. The coat is silky but should not be curly. They shed twice a year and can become distressed in hot weather. Skin problems may occur if they are bathed too often. These are exceptionally friendly dogs and ideal companions for children and the elderly. They are playful, patient and adaptable.

They need to be kept on a lead out of doors as, should something take their attention, they will forget all their training and be off in pursuit. Stud stock should be screened for major disorders such as hip and patella problems. Some develop eye problems. Mitral valve disease is also genetic. When sourcing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stud service, find a reputable breeder who can supply documentation that his dogs are free of these problems.

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