Do You Know How to Discipline Your Dog

For thousands of years, man have used dogs in many ways. However, dogs are dubbed as man’s best friends because these animals are generally kept as pets – as loyal companions. The behavior and the appearance of the dog is an indication of the care the pet receives from the owner. This would be due to the fact that caring and responsible dog owners would make sure that the pet is provided with the best food and care to ensure its well being. The owner would also take time to socialize, obedience train and discipline the pet to mold the dog into a good canine citizen.

Dogs are commonly treated as family members. Oftentimes, the pet dog will be treated as the baby of the family thus attention and love will be focused on the pet. These living toys become the best pals of the family. The affection to the pet usually gives rise to unwanted behaviors when family allows the pet have its way. As such, the dog would be dominant and the owners would give in to the whims of the pet.

If allowed dogs would develop the habit of filching food, raiding trash cans, destructive chewing, excessive barking and jumping at people. A lot of dog owners would not mind the unacceptable behavior of dogs believing that being animals, dogs are not expected to do better. Along with providing the basic needs of the dogs, an owner should also take time to discipline the pet.

If the dog is naughty, too effusive with its greetings or showing an aggressive behavior towards other pets, controlling the pet would certainly be necessary. Disciplining the dog is necessary but do you have what it takes to accomplish this task? Would you use physical punishment or would you rather let the dog accept you as the leader of the pack by using toys and treats to make the dog follow your orders?

Dogs are said to be intelligent animals but the punishment may puzzle a pet that is not aware that he has done something unacceptable to his human friends. Something that will be remembered by the dog like a spray of ice cold water or the rattling of coins in a tin can would be a more effective tool to discipline the dog. The sound of rattling coins in the tin can or the feel of the cold water on the dog’s face every time the dog is on one of its unwanted habits like jumping on people or tormenting cat would eventually make the pet think twice about doing the unwanted habit again. These simple methods of discipline would be more effective than physical punishment.

There are many ways to discipline a dog. You have now learned about some of the ways. At Sarah’s Dogs you can find further discussion on the topic.

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