Discover Beautiful And Charming Poodle Parti Pups

If purchased from a reputable breeder, you can rest assured your puppy is a purebred poodle with the much beloved poodle personality. When solid colors became popular, parti colored puppies were culled from the lineage. A small but dedicated group of breeders is working to return the original parti colored poodle to the lineage and the show ring. Poodle parti pups are white with patches or spots of brown, black, blue, apricot, red, or silver.

Artwork dating from the 1500’s prominently featured parti colored poodles. In 1856, the first dog book published in the United States, featured a parti colored poodle as an example of the breed. Currently, the AKC only allows solid colored poodles to be shown at conformation competitions. Many other kennel clubs, including the United Kennel Club, include parti colored poodles in the breed standard. They compete in all categories.

Poodles are great family dogs and wonderful companions. They’re intelligent, sensitive, good-natured, energetic. They don’t do well with long stretches of alone time. They’re sociable, affectionate, and loyal. They excel at obedience, agility, hunting, and tracking. They love to learn and perform tricks. They’re a favorite choice as therapy dogs.

Poodles are easily housebroken, obedience trained, and are affectionate with children. Most are good with other dogs. Standards are active and energetic. Due to their large size they require more exercise than their smaller relatives. Standards are more reserved around, but not unfriendly to strangers. With daily walks and playtime, Miniatures and Toys can be great apartment pets. Poodles are one of the healthiest and long living breeds. The lifespan of a Standard is 12 years. Miniatures and Toys average 14 to 16 years.

The dense coat, curly or wavy, should be clipped every 6-8 weeks. If you’re showing, check with the registry for acceptable cuts. Show cuts require daily care. Pet owners may want to choose a shorter, easier to care for haircut. Hair in the ear canals should be plucked and the ears cleaned with every grooming. Poodles do very little shedding. They’re an excellent choice for dog lovers with allergies.

The breed’s story begins in Germany. The poodle was originally bred to accompany hunters, retrieving prey from the water. They were also used as military dogs beginning in the 17th century. The French fell in love with the poodle making it their national breed. As they became increasingly popular as companion pets, smaller dogs were favored.

Buy a registered dog from a reputable dealer to be sure you’re buying a purebred from a healthy lineage. Health issues that affect this breed include Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), cataracts, glaucoma. Miniatures and Toys are susceptible to tracheal collapse and luxating patella. Standards are at risk for hip dysplasia and bloat.

Reputable breeders provide health documents to show that the parents and grandparents were free of genetic problems. These might include Optigen testing for PRA, and CERF certification that the lineage is free of genetic eye defects. Parents and grandparents of Standards should be free of hip dysplasia and thyroid problems. Parents and grandparents of Miniatures and Toys should be free from knee problems. Ask about a health guarantee and buy back policy.

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