Choose Himalayan Salt For Horses

Horse owners usually care as much for their animals’ health as they do for their own. You may already be aware that feed stores often carry Himalayan salt for horses. You may just not know why you should buy a rough, pinky-brown, shiny block rather than the conventional white or reddish one you have been accustomed to.

It is commonly believed that both humans and horses need a constant supply of sodium to maintain health. It is true that sodium is an essential mineral that must be supplied in the diet, but both people and animals can get an overdose, especially if they consume the commercial white compound (sodium chloride) sold for the dinner table. Many health advocates, notably Paul Bragg, have said that enough sodium is found in food to make supplementation unnecessary. What is needed, they say, is minerals.

Paul Bragg was a major voice in the opposition to common table-salt being part of a healthy diet. He himself never consumed it, even when hiking in Death Valley, the hottest place in America. He was, however, a strong advocate for supplementing the sodium naturally present in many foods with minerals. He discovered that natural salt-licks frequented by wildlife actually contained no sodium but many nutritious minerals.

The modern horse is mostly confined to a field or paddock and no longer has access to this kind of mineral deposit. It must depend on its owner to supply what it needs. Just as white table-salt is not all that healthy for people, the white blocks sold in feed stores give few of the valuable trace minerals found in unprocessed salts around the world. Even the colored ‘mineral blocks’ are mostly sodium chloride with several added minerals.

Sodium chloride is not a natural product, and commercial blocks and shakers also may contain additives which make it impossible for either the human or the equine system to assimilate sodium properly. Eliminating excess sodium is also inhibited. Horses crave the salty taste associated in the wild with a complete mix of minerals and can get too much sodium. If elimination of the excess is compromised, health will suffer. Himalayan salt is unprocessed, has no additives, and contains 84 essential minerals.

The natural crystals also hold a negative charge. This means that the minerals are ‘ionized’, which health experts believe make them more readily absorbed and used by the body. Most of us have an overload of positive ions, so the minerals have a balancing effect on our systems. The cells of the body need the full complement of minerals for proper growth, repair, and reproduction, as well as energy production.

Although this might be a minor consideration for horse owners, the Himalayan pink crystals taste better than common commercial salts, too. Most owners pamper their animals and like to give them treats they enjoy. When these treats also enhance health, it’s even better.

Check at your local feed store for pink or pinkish-brown, rough-cut, semi-transparent blocks to give your animals the best source of sodium and valuable trace minerals. Supplementing 84 minerals is hard to do otherwise. Free of toxins and never chemically processed, this natural mineral source can replace the mass-produced, highly-processed, chemical blocks most of us have used for so long.

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