Bigger Working Dogs In Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherds have a sleek, muscular and elegant appearance. Their black color is extremely rare, and is the result of a regressive gene in both the male and female parent. Their dark appearance, along with physical agility, and protection instinct, make them perfect guard dogs. They are loyal and devoted family members, with a need to be socialized so not to be too protective of their families.

Known for their guard dog instincts they are not the immediate friend of strangers. They enjoy working and having a purpose. They are curious creatures, with a desire to learn and please and tend to become depressed if pleasing is not possible.

Shepherds are trustworthy and worthy family pets, and are great in use in guarding. They have a superior sense of scent, advanced intellect, and a mind for protection. The dog was initially bred in Germany, and used as a sheep herder, who shepherded the flock.

Shepherds are not known for being angry animals, but as with all dogs they need to taken around people. In situations where they are mistreated, spend a lot of time by themselves, and owners fail to properly socialize this animal, they may become suspicious and aggressive of people they don’t know. This breed has advanced ability to take and follow orders and should be socialized.

Just as German Shepherds were once valued companions and workers in the sheep herding industry in Germany, today they are also trusted comrades in police and military protection units. As working dogs, their advanced sense of smell makes them perfect police companions in search and rescue, and drug task forces.

Some investigators, searching for bodies, or drugs, or even missing criminals, use trusted Shepherds instead of men as their investigative partners to complete the job. They claim their heightened sense of smell, and intelligent ability to follow orders on the first command, 95% of the time, gives police an advantage in solving crimes. German shepherds have been responsible for locating missing persons, finding bodies, and locating large amounts of drugs, which led to the arrest of many people.

They have been used throughout the world for purposes related to accidents and catastrophes. They have searched and found missing elderly, small children, people lost in forests. In addition, they have assisted in finding people buried in avalanches, victims of floods, earthquakes, plane and train catastrophes, and many other life-threatening conditions.

The use of guard dogs in search and rescue has meant many more lives have been saved due to their known endurance and their ability to pick up on the scent of skin cells. It is estimated use of one dog in such units is as effective as 20-30 men because cells can be traced to woods, buildings, rivers, floods and the like. It is this acute sense of smell, along with a refusal to give up until the job is done that makes this breed so useful.

During missions at 9/11 at ground zero Shepherds were used. They were also used as envoy dogs during World War II. They have been utilized in many important missions related to catastrophes.

Not only this, but they are used for shepherding and leading the blind, hearing impaired and those with disabilities. They are valuable as guide dogs and being the eyes of humans without that ability. This is because they are quick walking and running dogs, and can go for a long distance without tiring. They offer high energy and a real need to work. This offers those with disabilities a perfect companion. Shepherds are educated by organizations and given to those with physical limitations.

The animal have been utilized as prey dogs, for use in finding bears and other animals. Different laws exist for using dogs to locate animals in hunting from state to state. Some states have regulations limiting using dogs to hunt only certain animals and at specific seasons. Shepherds can track many different animals.

Black German Shepherds are bigger and their backs are much straighter than other dogs of their breed. There is no cringing with the black breed. Such a trait is normal with brown and white dogs. The black animals also more closely resemble original shepherds of breeding in Germany.

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