Basic Information On Leopard Print Dog Collars

Dog collars refer to pieces of materials placed around the neck of dogs. Leopard print dog collars are just one of the many designs of collars on the market today. Collars with leopard prints are very useful for identifying a pet among other dogs. The prints are also made with very bright colors making the item easily identifiable from a distance. They can be bought from any store that deals with related products. Custom orders can also be placed from the manufacturers.

Other uses for a collar with leopard prints are pet control and fashion purposes. The prints are a current trend in beautifying dogs. Leashes are at times connected on the ribbons to offer a way for handling the pet. The pet can be stopped from running away by grabbing the leash. Hurting neck muscles and strangulation can be avoided by leaving sufficient space beneath the band.

There are many kinds of collars that are used on pets. Some of the main types include safety-strength, painted, buckle, flea, break-away, stud, fur saver, spiked, reflective, and oilcloth collars. Buckle bands are normally made from leather, metal, polyester, hemp, or nylon webbing. They have buckles like those in belts or quick-release buckles tied around the neck loosely. Medical and name tags and leashes get attached to them.

Break-away collars look like buckle type bands in almost all aspects. The difference is that break-away ribbons break loose when they are subjected to adequate force. They are designed to avoid strangulation. Flea collars are utilized together with buckle bands as extra accessories. They have chemicals impregnated into their material for repelling fleas.

Stud ribbon helps to prevent the neck from being bitten by other dogs. They comprise metallic studs or dulled points. These products have a long history and they were utilized in Ancient Greece to safeguard sheepdogs from predators like wolves. The product is used as a fashion article in modern society rather than a protective gear. Oilcloth bands are produced from cotton and vinyl. They are more durable and water resistant than other models.

For dogs that are used in darkness, the owner may want to keep track of it. The best way to do this is to wrap a lighted band around its neck. The band emits light making it easy for the owner to spot it from a distance. Passing motorists can also spot the animal from far and avoid knocking it down. The material does not help the pet to see at night at all.

Light on the lighted bands comes from light emitting diodes. The light can be of any color, although colors that are widely used are red and blue. Power for the lights is supplied by light-weight batteries to avoid adding extra weight to the ribbon. Common battery types used are lithium coin cells and AAA.

Flotation collar is another widely used ribbon. It is a buoyancy aid meant for use on dogs in water. It gives the neck and head additional buoyancy although it does not function as a life jacket or preserver. The ribbon may be filled with air or be made from closed cell foam material. It is commonly used in canine hydrotherapy.

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