Assisi Animal Health: 3 Rules For Feeding Horses

Anyone who has owned a horse can tell you that these sorts of animals are under strict regimens. It’s easy to see why this is the case, especially since they are far different from traditional pets the likes of dogs and cats. However, new horse owners may be curious to know what should be done as far as feeding is concerned, which is where Assisi Animal Health and other authorities can come into play. Consider these 3 important rules for the future.

First of all, make sure that you know the particular nutrients that horses require. Roughage is the main selling point, as far as this is concerned, which is why farmers and horse owners alike use hay. This is a common food for horses, as companies like Assisi Animal Health will tell you, but there is a sound reason for it. Hay contains the nutrients which horses need, and the fact that it’s easy to come by only makes it that much more of a vital component.

Another point to recognize is that feeding isn’t to be done after a horse finishes exercise. The reason for this is that a horse’s body requires time to adjust, which isn’t exactly helped when the creature in question eats a tremendous amount. Instead of immediately feeding a horse after its workout, which one would probably assume, wait an hour or so beforehand. Believe me when I tell you that your horse’s overall health will be thankful for it.

There are also different types of food that no horse should be given, regardless of the circumstances. Meat is perhaps one of the biggest no-nos, since horses cannot stabilize said product as herbivores. What about chocolate, which is a sweet that many people would often associate as unhealthy for dogs and cats? Horses are no different, in this respect, since their bodies can respond negatively to the toxins associated with said product. Of course, these are just a few examples of food to steer clear of.

Hopefully these pointers have helped you better understand just how what kind of regimens horses should be under. Assisi Animal Health will not only be able to tell you everything about the regimens in question, but administer medical help in certain respects as well. After all, certain foods may result in discomfort, which is where a greater degree of assistance may be needed. Follow the steps mentioned earlier, and your horse’s quality of life will become greater.

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