All About African Cichlids Care

These unique fishes are somehow not as easy to care as the other type of fishes due to the environment that they come from and their aggressive nature. Despite these they are really amazing and colorful that you would not expect them to come from a fresh water lake. These African cichlids care comprises of a tank with temperatures of about 76 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH of the tank should be exactly like the pH of the waters of their origin.

A correct amount of pH is very important so as to create a surrounding that is favorable to the fish. Specific pH for a tank is not an accurate thought since pH differs with the various individual species. Apart from obtaining a pH regulator, one can also try homegrown ways of putting in the tank, crushed corals, aquatic shells or coral gravel which will raise pH while still increasing capacity to buffer.

Creating more turf by acquiring a big tank is a great idea since these fishes have a territorial inclination of roughing each other out in the wild. Adding plants and rocks in the aquarium will be useful since the cichlids use them in marking their own territories. Live plants are very probably of getting dug out or die from the pH, so it is good to put fake ones that will not float.

These fishes are very active, industrious and fascinating. They love moving things around and excavating as they try to create their own suitable environment. Rocks in the aquarium should be elevated on top of gravel due to their digging nature as when the rock is not suspended it might end up pinning itself under the rock.

The delusion that same size fishes are likely to have a reduced aggression against each other on the same tank is not true. In fact the fishes of unequal size are likely to exist unless one is small enough to become food. This aggression is resulted by lack of intimidation and fighting turns the only way to state boundaries.

Their ability to eat almost any stuff makes them very simple to feed though feeding them on a varied diet is highly recommended. You can feed them on a weekly basis of food comprising of wafers or frozen food while making flake food as their main diet. Excess feeding causes them to have a swollen stomach and it is highly advisable that you stop as it can result to tragic cases causing Malawian bloat. In order to avoid toxic ammonia in the tank, always ensure that you clean the bottom off food remains.

Changing about a quarter of the water weekly constitutes of the basic maintenance and this should not be a hustle. So as to avoid chemicals, a gravel void will be essential at the bottom. One must also avoid sterilizing the sieving sponge when considering doing a cleanup.

In general, ensuring proper maintenance of the cichlids is very important and they being the cheapest to tame, this should not be a hustle. They are very hardy and resistant to many diseases that are got by most fishes. They outlive most fishes and proper care can probably even elongate their usual lifespan that averages between five to eight years.

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